Hostel Facilities

Rules of the college hostel “Snigdha Chhaya”:

At present the College hostel  has a strength of nearly 200 students.

1.  Admission (Fee Structure)

The student seeking admission in to the hostel should apply separately in the prescribed proforma along with the application for admission in to the College supported by conduct certificate from the head of the institution attended last, No student will be admitted to the hostel unless she is admitted in the College.

2.  Control

The boarders are under the direct control of the Superintendent  in and out the hostel during their College terms, The Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the hostel who however shall exercise the control and supervision relating to the hostel who however shall exercise the control and supervision through the Superintendent.

3.  Mess Rules :-

The Hostel Mess is run on contact basis.

  •  The boarders are provided with two principal meals. All are served with the same type of food. No special arrangement of food can be made for any boarder.
  • In case of sickness, boarders will be provided with sick diet.
  • All outstanding dues of the previous month shall be deposited on the 10th day of the month. Defaulters shall have to pay Rs. 0.50 paise per day after the due date for payment. (The College dues will be released from the boarders on production of clearance from the hostel authority.)  A boarder can not ordinarily drop taking meal without taking prior permission of the Superintendent. However, each boarder has to take minimum 40 (Forty) Nos of meals per month.
  • Messing Time :-

Lunch        – Between 12 NOON to 3 P.M
Dinner   – Between 9.00 P.M. 10.00 P.M.

The boarders are not allowed to take their meals anywhere except in dining hall.

  • The boarders are prohibited to take any mess utensils outside the dining hall. Strict discipline must be maintained inside the dining hall. Unruly behavior and unwanted argument with the mess employees by the boarders will be seriously viewed. Untimely entry to the mess premises is strictly prohibited. Any complaint relating to meals etc. are to be brought to the notice of the Superintendent through the Matron.
  • Extra mess charges incurred on festive occasions will be borne by the boarders.

4.  Allotment of Room 

Allotment of rooms will be made by the Superintendent whose decision shall be final and binding.

5.  Temporary absence 

A boarder can leave the hostel temporarily on the basis of written request from A boarder can leave the hostel temporarily on the basis of written request from her parents or local guardian with the prior permission of the Superintendent. During the period of such absence she can not attend the College.

6.   Withdrawal from the Hostel

Application for withdrawal from College Hostel can be made by the father only. A boarder can withdraw herself from the hostel after clearing all her dues to hostel.

A Boarder withdrawing herself in between November has to pay dues till the month of November. After that period she has to pay dues for the whole year.



A.    Annual Fee

(i)      Admission Fee (College Counter)(150/- + 60/-)              Rs.  210/-

(ii)     Session Charges                                                             Rs. 150/-

(iii)    Development Fee                                                            Rs. 100/-

(iv)    Furniture  Maintenance                                                   Rs. 25/-

(v)     Utensil Charge                                                                Rs. 25/-

(vi)    Mess Advance                                                                Rs. 800/-

(vii)   Caution money                                                                Rs. 200/-

(viii)  Magazine Fee                                                                  Rs.  50/-

(ix)    Water, Electricity & Maintenance                                      Rs. 200/-

(x)     Common Room                                                                Rs. 40/-

(xi)    Security                                                                            Rs. 50/-

(xii)   Establishment                                                                  Rs. 250/-

TOTAL                                                                                    Rs. 2100

B.   Monthly Fee

(i)      Hostel Establishment                                                       Rs. 60/-

(ii)     Power Charges                                                                Rs. 80/-

(iii)    Water Charges                                                                 Rs. 20/-

(iv)    Common room Charges                                                   Rs. 20/-

(v)     Mess Establishment                                                         Rs. 30/-

(v)   Mess Establishment                                                           Rs. 30/-

(vi)    Security Charges                                                              Rs. 10/-

TOTAL                                                                                     Rs. 220

However, the boarders will bear the actual amount as per the bills given by the PHD & WESCO depts.

C.   Hostel Magazine

A Magazine of the college hostel named “Iti” is brought out annually to inspire the budding and talented young literary talents.

7.   Study Hours

The study hours begins from 7.00 A.M. to 9.00 A.M. in the morning and 7.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M. in the evening. The study hour on Saturday is of one hour duration from 7.00 P.M. to 8.00 P.M.

Roll call is taken twice daily in the morning and evening before the study hours. The boarders are required to leave their bed at 5.00 A.M. to attend the Roll call, Prayer and Yoga. Praying in the evening is compulsory for all boarder.

8.   Electricity

Light only for the purpose of reading is provided in the hostel Boarders are not permitted to use any electrical appliances other than electric bulb. Borders will arrange their own bulb for their use.

9.   Hostel Property

Every boarder is responsible for the care of hostel property. The boarders will be charged for all damage caused to the hostel property used by them individually or collectively.

10.  Visitor

The parent, local guardian or the visitor authorized by the parent at the time of admission can only pay visit to their: wards on visiting hours i.e. from 4.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M. None is allowed to enter into the Hostel premises without the prior permission of the Superintendent.

11.  General Discipline

  • The boarders are not allowed to move from their room to an other or to disturb any body in any manner during the study hours or can interrupt others at any time of the day.
  • There is provision of sick room facility temporarily for boarders suffering from b)       There is provision of sick room facility temporarily for boarders suffering from infectious diseases In case of communicable disease the Superintendent may expel a boarder from the hostel.
  • The lights of the rooms will be switched off at 11.00 P.M.
  • In no case a boarder can abstain from attending the class with out the prior permission of the Superintendent. Any periodicals, news papers magazines etc, can not be taken to the rooms, Books Journals or periodicals not authorized by the superintendent can not be brought inside the hostel.
  • All correspondence of the boarders are subject to Superintendent’s censor.
  • The boarders are expected to attend all the meetings organized  in the College.

12.  Conduct Register

The Superintendent  will maintain a Conduct Register in which the name of the boarder will be entered in case of any misconduct. In such a  case the boarder is liable to be expelled from the hostel.

Promotion from class in the College and permission to appearing the University examination are conditional on the satisfactory report of the Superintendent. In case of unsatisfactory results in the class examination, a boarder shall be expelled from the hostel. For matters pertaining to the hostel and matters which are not included in the above said clauses the decision of the Superintendent shall be final.