Computer Center


The college has established two computer laboratories with latest desktop PCs are below:

1 :SAMS Computer Lab is meant for e-admission and e-administration.The airconditioned SAMS Lab contains one server,two desktop PCs,one Laptop,one MFC,two dotmatrix printers,LAN and two internet connections.This lab is under the supervision and control of the officer-in-charge of SAMS.

2: UGC-Network Resource Centre(UGC-NRC) whcih has been established with the funds provided by the University Grant Commission under the 11th Plan grants.This airconditioned lab contains 10 computers with internet connectivity(NME-ICT project),two printers,one Photocopier(20 ppm) and one Copier(90 ppm).This lab ,which is managed by one officer-in-charge, has been set up for the computer training and learning by students and staff of the colege.