College Library

Library Rules

  1. The teachers, staff and students of the College only may use the Library.
  2. The Library remains open from 10.30. A.M. to 4.00 P.M. every day except on Sundays and other holidays. After getting developed a special library software the Library automation work is in progress for effective service delivery to students and staff as well.
  3. The last hour of every working day is set a part for office work of the Library. During this period no books will be issued or return of books  acknowledged.
  4. No books shall be taken out of the library with out the knowledge of the Librarian  until it has been properly entered in the Loan Register and the entry attested by the borrower.
  5. Each borrower must examine the condition of the book at the time of issue, otherwise in case of mutilation discovered the responsibility will be fixed on the borrower. They are to return books personally.
  6. A student must return her book to the Library within 10 days of the  issue of the book. Members of the teaching and nonteaching staff must return the books within one month and 15 days respectively. Fine on students will be imposed at the rate of 10 paise for each day of default.
  7. Reference books and textbooks marked, as reserved shall not be issued to any student without the permission of the Principal.
  8. All those who may happen to be inside the Library area are expected to observe strict silence. The Librarian has orders to see that the rules of silence are strictly observed and to report any willful breach of the rule for appropriate action.
  9. Students are supposed to do all transactions at the Library Counter and they are not allowed to enter the Library.
  10. All requisition slips must be submitted to the Librarian before 12 noon everyday to get these books issued on the next day or according to programme of transaction.
  11. In case a book borrowed is lost, ten time price of the book will be realized from the borrower unless she replaces book within one month.
  12.  A student who wants to take books from the Library should fill up in her Library call slip and present the Librarian. She should also present her card to the Librarian when ever she wants to return a book. If a student loses her card another will be issued to her on payment of Rs. 5.00. They are further advised to produce their Identity Cards at the time of issue of books.
  13. Library Card will be issued to every student on production of her last fee receipt.
  14. Books can be reissued to the same person provided there is no demand for those books. But in every case the book must be brought to the Library for Physical verification and return on the due date.
  15. The following is a list showing the maximum number of books that may be issued to the various classes of borrowers at a time and the period of possession.

No. of  Period of                                                books  possession

1)      Members of the teaching staff                      10 each         30 days

2)      Non-teaching Staff                                       3 each         15 days

i)       Degree students (Pass)                               2 each          7 days

ii)      Degree students (Hons.)                              3 each          7 days

iii)     +2 students                                                  1 each          7 days

Return of books may be made on the following working day if the due date falls on a holiday.

  1. The books borrowed within one week of the commencement  of the summer vacation shall be returned by the person concerned within one week of the reopening of the College after summer vacation.
  2. Books issued to a particular person can be reissued only for 2 successive occasions during a particulars academic session.
  3. The teacher concerned shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs 2/- ( Rupees two) only per book per each day of delay instead of Rs.10/- as stipulated at para ICC) (Vide Ltr. No. 19374(91) dt. 24.4.03)
  4. Magazines may be issued to students on requisition for use in side the Library only.
  5. Until the arrival of the next issue, no magazine should however be issued to the members of the teaching staff for home use.

No. of Books in the Library      

Reference & Text Books      –      5374 (+2 Wing) –  25697 (+3 Wing)

Book Bank                          –     999

Books Donated                   –     158

UGC-funded Books             –     2759