Campus Facilities

The Govt.Women’s College/Jr.College, Bolangir spread over an area of approximately six acres of land located in the Palace Line area close to the National Highway No.201 connecting Bolangir district to Kalahandi and Koraput in the south.The college campus consists of the main administrative building,the new library building,Psychology department,the new science building,staff quarters and two ladies hostel.One L-shaped big building project is currently under construction which will create 13 numbers of classrooms,one student common room and one big office space.There are tow cycle sheds along with a medium size playground at the middle of the campus. + read more

College Library

Library Rules

1. The teachers, staff and students of the College only may use the Library.

2. The Library remains open from 10.30. A.M. to 4.00 P.M. every day except on Sundays and other holidays. After getting developed a special library software the Library automation work is in progress for effective service delivery to students and staff as well. + read more

Computer Center

The college has established two computer laboratories with latest desktop PCs are below:

1: SAMS Computer Lab is meant for e-admission and e-administration.The airconditioned SAMS Lab contains one server,two desktop PCs,one Laptop,one MFC,two dotmatrix printers, + read more

Games & Sports

The college has a full time P.E.T.She remains presence in the gymnasium both in the morning and afternoon hours and imparts physical training and yogic excercises to the students. She also engages +2 yoga classes which go a long way in shaping and moulding both physical and mental faculties of the students. Under her guidance students play different outdoor and indoor games.We have submitted a proposal for a badminton and volleyball courts. + read more

Hostel Facilities

Rules of the college hostel “snigdha chhaya”:

At present the College hostel has a strength of nearly 280 students.

1. Admission (Fee Structure): The student seeking admission in to the hostel should apply separately in the prescribed proforma along with the application for admission + read more

Teaching Facilities

The College provides teaching facilities in both +2 Arts(Junior Wing) and +3 Arts(Degree wing).The College offers the courses and allows for different combination of subjects. A student seeking admission into +2 1st yr. Arts course can opt the subjects given below : + read more

Other Activities

Besides, rendering the service during the session, the participants are to join a holiday camp to be organised by the College Unit. Further, they will have the chance to participate in the Inter College Camps, Inter University Camps and All India Youth Camps. the participants for those Camps will be finally selected by the University.

+ read more