Mission & Vision

Our mission is to produce educated, progressive, cultured, liberal and self-reliant women in every walk of life to realize their inner potentialities and higher status in the global arena.

The founding fathers of this great college had envisioned for that type of an institution which would create condition for the socio-economic empowerment of women belonging to different strata of the society. In the last fifty years of its existence this particular institution of higher learning has worked incessantly towards that end. In the  globalised framework of the 21st century , there has been a change in the outlook and approach of this institution. In this information age the vision of the college is to produce well-informed, rightly educated, self-reliant , computer-literate women who have a global thinking with  local problem-solving attitude. We promise to impart education indiscriminately to women belonging to all sections of society with special emphasis on weaker and downtrodden class. This centre of higher learning has the pious vision to create women of substance through emphasis on education having contents of cultural assimilation, environmental protection, dedication and commitment towards the national objectives and inter-generational transfer of values.



 Our crest gives a symbolic interpretation of the line written at its base. Inscribed on the crest is the name of the College.

The burning lamp, the book and the quill represent wisdom and enlightenment gained through education. The lyre and the lotus are symbolic of sensuousness and aesthetism which lift a person to the great heights of bliss and perfection.