About Us


Govt Women’s College, Bolangir was founded in the year 1962 and was affiliated to Utkal University till Sambalpur University was formed in the year 1967 and the College was affiliated to it. The College was primarily under private management and was taken over by the Govt. + read more

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to produce educated, progressive, cultured, liberal and self-reliant women in every walk of life to realize their inner potentialities and higher status in the global arena. + read more

Awards & Achievements

Students of this institution have been striving hard to achieve success in every walks of life.A number of students have secured top positions in council and university examinations. The products of this centre of learning have found positions in various fields like education, + read more

Our Principals

List of Principals for the college from 1962 to current year. + read more

Principal Message

I am the gardener of a flower garden in which flowers bloom in varied colours and appear in different sizes. The fragrance make each flower distinctive from the other. + read more